The Export support center

The purpose of our company-coordination of support measures for the export-oriented enterprises of Perm Region.

The export support center of Perm Region was established in 2017 with the support of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation and the government of Perm Region.

The purpose of the Center is coordination of support measures for export-oriented enterprises of small and medium-size registered in Perm region:

  • Stimulation and involvement in export activities;
  • Promoting of products, services and technologies to foreign markets;  
  • Promoting the competitiveness and efficiency of export-oriented enterprises.

Export Support Center provides the following functions:

  • Participation in determining the priority areas of export activities of regional enterprises, including the development and implementation of the regional program of export support;
  • Promotion of export activities in the Perm region;
  • Promotion of information about the exporters of the Perm region, including the "Internet";
  • Participation in activities to ensure favorable conditions for the development of export from the Perm region (Regional Export Standard) ;
  • Assistance in the promotion and implementation of educational support on the subject of export activities in the Perm region, in cooperation with specialized development institutions and educational organizations.
  • Providing services for exporters and businesses carrying out or planning to carry out the export of manufactured goods and services, registered in the Perm region.

Register of exporters

Centre services


Consulting with the help of specialized experts in the field of foreign economic activity.
Translation into foreign languages of advertising and other information in electronic form.
Marketing research
Marketing research
Assistance in individual marketing/patent researches of perm region market.
Partner search
Partner search
Assistance in finding and selecting of perm region partner.
Individual trip
Individual trip
Organization and carrying out of an individual trip of the entrepreneur in the territory of Perm Region.
The reception of foreign delegations
The reception of foreign delegations
Participation in the program of reception of a foreign delegation on the territory of Perm region.

Consulting on services

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Employees of the center

Korlyakova Natalia
The expert of export support Center of Perm Region

Bazhgina Veronika
Specialist of export support Center of Perm Region